About me

Hello, my name is Ari and I'm from Spain. 
I like photography as a hobbie, but little by little I have been improving my skills. I don't use many photographic techniques, only Instagram filtres, but I'm interested to learn. What makes my photos unique and personals are the views. I usually find curious angles from daily life objects, animals and other things that are within our reach but we don't stop to admire them. 

Here you will find different kinds of pictures like: animals, monuments, street art, landscapes, others and I'll post all of them using various tags. 

If you like any tag specifically feel free to ask me. Moreover I'm a freelance photographer who makes books and edits video for special events e.g. weddings, birthday parties, etcetera. So if you want one  don't hesitate to contact me.  

I'm also open with any suggestions so make any comment here or send it to me by email: 




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